Blast Jam!

On the 26th of September all of us at Blast Door sat down for an event that we came to call the Blast Jam. The goal was to create a game over the weekend in a game jam like manner, with the theme selected by drawing a pair of Cards Against Humanity. Our cards showed “Giving 110% Lumberjack Fantasies”, which was a very interesting theme.

After 45 hours, we can say that the even was a huge success! The game was finished just before deadline, and you can view a trailer here.

We will be releasing it to the public, but we want to take some extra time to make sure everything lives up to the standard we want to deliver, so check back out Facebook or web page soon for a free copy of “110% Lumberjack Fantasies”!

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More artsy progress on Spank the Monkey.

This time we have a finished Coffin and Skylift.

Check em out!

Coffin STM_Skylift_screenie

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Spank the Monkey prototype in the works!

We’re working on a prototype of Spank the Monkey by Gigantoskop. We’ll be using the prototype for a pitch in the near future. Below you can see 3 art assets fully modeled and imported in Unity for use in the prototype. We won’t create every single junk card for the prototype. The rest of the models will only have placeholder art.

We’re making these to show how close we can translate the original art from 2d to 3d.

Stay tuned for more.

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New personnel!

We haven’t updated since the release of Boulder Riots, but i want to tell you new and exciting things are happening!

Blast Door Interactive has 3 new employees, including me. We will soon be able to talk about an exciting project we have been talking about. Also a facelift for the webpage is planned.

Hope you are excited as we are :)

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Boulder Riots trailer on air!

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