Boulder Riots


Barely before the first humans started walking upright their world was visited by the great rocks of old who rained down from the skies.
Man and rock lived in peace side by side and all was good. But peace would not last long. The years past on by and the rocks grew ever so slightly without the humans noticing any change during their own short life spans. One day one of the rocks had grown far to big and an innocent human child dropped the rock on her foot crushing it.
The news about the accident spread like wildfire and rocks became outlawed and hunted by humans with out end.
Fortunately man did not have what it took to destroy her new found enemy, instead she rolled the rocks up far into the mountains and hill sides imprisoning them for all eternity. Or so they thought.
The anger within the rocks grew over time and hate finally consumed them completely. During the millennia they vowed to take vengeance upon their oppressors. Finally they all fell asleep one bye one dreaming about their day of retribution.
  • Crush everything in your way
  • Let loose your primal rage upon the human race
  • Roll faster and faster and use lightning reflexes to get maximum score
  • Destroy tanks, humans, buildings and helicopters
  • Compete online by submitting your scores to leaderboards
  • Boulder Riots utilizes the full power of the Unity engine

Get ready for a high intensity first class human smashing experience! See if you have what it takes to take this pearl of technology for a ride with your filthy human hands.

Yes, that’s right.Boulder Riots is on the loose waiting for you to harness it’s awesome powers.

Smash Buildings, Destroy tesla-coils and Dodge Missiles. All these features and more in our newest action intense top of the line production.

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